Get Geeked! on Cloud Technology

Get Geeked! on Cloud Technology
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Program

Get Geeked! is a STEAM centered entrepreneurial training program for middle and high school students. The Get Geeked! program focuses on financial literacy, business administration, and technology training through the use of interactive activities, cloud technology, and mobile applications.

Get Geeked! program participants gain an exceptional amount of software technology skills that will allow them to stand out in the classroom and to manage their own business. Through the use of the skills gained, students will be able to utilize their growth from theory to practice by running their own businesses in real-time and on-the-go from their personal smartphones. Our program is completely interactive, fun, and engaging, which will appeal to Millennials who are used to on-demand and real-time technologies.

Students will…

  • Gain advanced software technology skills
  • Receive personal and business finance training
  • Learn how to start a micro-business virtually for free
  • Become efficient project managers and enhance their team building skills
  • Acquire necessary leadership skills to prepare them for college

Program Goals:

  • Produce financially responsible leaders
  • Infuse STEAM concepts into entrepreneurship training
  • Encourage self-exploration and discover possible careers in STEAM
  • Teach advanced software technology skills to prepare students for college
  • Help teens complete business plans and launch micro-businesses

We can implement our Get Geeked! STEAM program at your school as part of your after-school program or host a camp during school breaks or summer. Please contact Natina Adams [at]

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