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Our programs focuses on financial literacy first and leadership training through an innovative and creative curriculum.

All girls that participate in the Girl Geeks mentoring program are given an opportunity to save money for their business through our Girl Geeks Matching Funds program. We find sponsors to match every dollar saved by the girls in their new savings account. Girl Geeks can use savings up to $250 towards business supplies and marketing to help them successfully launch and maintain their new business.

Girls can register to become part of our next Girl Geeks mentoring program. To start a Girl Geeks program at your school, please contact Natina Adams [at]

As part of our community outreach program, we also offer free one-day training workshops to both boys and girls in middle and high school. These workshops are hosted by Girl Geeks and taught by women leaders from the community.
Free workshops will be held at various locations in the Metro Atlanta. To request a free one-day workshop at your school or organization, please contact Natina Adams [at]

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Girl Geeks Program Training and Workshops:

Banking On Our Future – Online Training
FDIC Money Smart Program
Personal Finance & Budgeting
Social Skills & Networking 101
Self-Assessment and Goal Setting
Navigating through Middle School
Navigating through High School
Education & Career Planning
Personal and Business Banking
Business Planning
Research & Googling 101
Cloud Technology
Business Technology
Graphic Design
Web Content Management
Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
Accounting Basics
Business Law Basics
Tax Law Basics


Thank you for supporting the GirlGeeks movement!